2 July 2011

MAXWELL ~ He rocks sexiness!

Mr. Maxwell Rivera...MUSZE.

I have been a Maxwell fan for as long as I can remember. I recall the first time I heard about him. My little sis was singing 'Ascension' when it was newly released. I was only ever in time to hear the tail end of it each time it played on the radio. But, to hear Ms Thang singing the full thing was special; and, my opportunity to find out more about who sang it and all the other juicy details. And as they say, the rest is history. I own his music. I can listen to his music all day long.

Don't get me started on the visual: his style, his hair, his voice, his eyes...this could take up more than one blog post! Trust me! And that we share the same birth month. Kismet!

I will admit that I am more mesmerized by the now more mature Maxwell. Not in terms of being 'old' chronologically. Just how he has evolved...music wise, the suits, the cleaner lines and face. I love it. Love me a man's man.

So I'm not going to prolong this entry anymore. Just take a look at one of my fav soul/r+b crooners! Eye candy for days...MAXWELL/MUSZE




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