28 July 2011

Product Review ~ Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm

As I type this review, one question comes to mind that I would like to ask fellow loc-heads: Are you retwisting/relocking too tightly? I have always had a thin hairline or edges, as I realise some people use that alternative word. So, I have always been careful not to braid my hair too tightly and in the case of being natural, locking my hair too tightly. I would advise, that if you do have a thinning hairline, please do not reloc to the point where your locs are pulling from the scalp. I mean, you have got to know when that is happening. So tell your loctician or if you reloc your own hair, take your time. If there is one thing I do not like to see is a head of locs with a patchy hairline.

Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm
Description: If there is one thing you should know about the Dr. Miracle's brand is its "Feel It" Formula's tingling sensation, which according to the company "...supports strong growing hair and healthy scalp." The blurb on the box goes on the say that "...[this] stimulates blood flow to the scalp in the temple and nape areas...balm continues to work even after you stop feeling it." 

The manufacturer promotes this product as being excellent on hair that is braided, natural, relaxed and weaved. And I will add, definitely for those who experience some kind of thin or frail hairline/edges around the temple and nape area (back of your head). 

They suggest using the product two times a day for thirty days - roughly a month's use - by massaging into the temple and nape areas.

It's ingredients include: Clove Leaf oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrolyzed Soy and Wheat proteins. Sadly at least for me, there is some Methly- and Propyl- parabens. The more I do reviews, I realise it is harder to get away from some of these substances I wish to avoid :)

Length of Use: It's only been 2 weeks. 

Price:$17 - this is the 50% Bonus jar

Observations: As mentioned earlier, it has been just 2 weeks since I began using this product. I am not new to the product however, as I had used it only briefly whilst transitioning. I have been hearing good things about it. A close friend of mine who started her locs via the latch-hook method actually used it for the same purpose. It was recommended to her by her loctician. She has seen good results since using this product over a period months, using one jar until it was completely gone. My current loctician also uses this product in the salon. 

I apply the balm on my hairline during my morning routine and again at night before I oil my hair. In the latter instance, I tie my hair with a silk scarf. I pay special attention though to my temple area on either side. The tingling effect for which the Dr. Miracle's brand is known, is felt almost instantly. I can best describe it as a strange heat stimulating every hair follicle, tingling. Seemingly doing what the manufacturer says it is supposed to do.  Kinda nice, actually! So it delivers on that promise!

Now, regarding the smell. My household knows when I've put it in. The smell is that obvious. So if you are sensitive about product scents, buyer beware!! :0) 

Of course, I will continue to monitor any growth. And of course, will do my best to be patient. So, stay tuned next month for a quick check-in.

Decision: I will definitely continue using the Dr. Miracle's Temple and Nape Balm until it is all gone!

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