11 September 2011

Accents for your locs ~ Loc jewelry

February 2011
If there is one thing you can say you know about me is that I LOVE to have loc jewelry in my hair. In my hair photos, you will see that at least 95% of the time my locs are adorned with either a red copper coil and/or a few of my glass loc coils or gems. 

In an earlier post, I would have introduced you to fellow Barbadian, Jamal of Crystal Forms in a Loc'd Entrepreneur Business feature. He is the guru when it comes to glass blowing and not only making stunning glass pendants, etc but the many glass loc jewelry many of us women wear here in Barbados. Since then, I've also done a loc and natural hair accessory feature on Ms MiMi of Tomoka's Twists (who also graciously sponsored my first giveaway this summer) and Sarah of Sarenzo Beads.

If you are still looking for ideas on how to adorn your locs, you can check out this post done by Loc'd Life Magazine's blog site. 

Or, visit the featured websites by clicking on the links below:
New Bein' ~ An array of hair jewelry ideas with shipping options
Art Fire ~ Handmade hair accessories sold by a collection of artists. You will also find gorgeous earrings and other knick knacks
Loc Jewelry ~ Locties, beaded loccuffs

The ideas are limitless! And, if you are like me and have a desire to try to make them yourself, go right ahead! Get your fashion flow on and invest in some beautiful hardware for your locs!

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