26 September 2011

Easy like Sunday mornin' ~ Beautiful Barbados

On what was a beautiful, sunny and wonderful day, I took the opportunity to snap just a few photos of my idyllic home. These photos all came from the northern part of the island.

Please enjoy!

Immediate area surrounding the entrance to St. Nicholas Abbey, in the parish of St. Peter.The sign showing the name of the historic St. Nicholas Abbey

The picturesque view of the East Coast of the island from Cherry Tree Hill. This view is located on the same stretch of road (heading East) after leaving the area to the entrance of the Abbey. As the road leading to the Abbey is extremely wooded with many large and beautiful trees and plants forming a canopy of sorts, seeing this view as the road takes a gradual decent to the land below might be unexpected and exhilarating all at the same time! It's simply breathtaking!

Over-looking the ocean in St. Lucy at the Animal Flower Cave. This site is home to caves of aquatic plant life. I have never gone down to them myself, but I have heard from friends how magical everything seems. The second photo in this section below, shows where visitors to the attraction assemble on dry land above. Some of the caves are safe to get to, and these are the ones locals and tourists alike venture into to see these magical life forms. Standing above these caves, in the first one below (for example), I could see the blue sea rushing into the opening and I am assuming, slamming into a rock or even a cave. That's how you see the white foam rushing up below. 

I came across openings which, if I fell through, would lead to sure death as nothing but waves below would catch me! It felt eerie. Made me question the strength of the rock on which I stood. The final picture is proof of that. Through that hole was nothing but beautiful sea-blue water mixed with white foam; many, many, many, many feet below me. 

One of them was quite scary (the second to last photo). I could not even see the bottom.  There was just a wide opening on top in the rocks and I knew something obviously had to be under it as all I heard was the ocean roaring!! It was like constantly watching this massive hole waiting for waves to splash up but...nothing. It was that deep! 

God's creation! Unspoilt.

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