11 September 2011

Hair accessory: Friend or foe ~ The hair pin

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It's no friend of mine but you and I both know that it is one the most useful hair accessories any girl can have in her hair care arsenal. 

But, I'm wondering if you can help me with the claim I once heard when I used to straighten my hair. And, of course having locs, I still use them quite often.

Does the improper use of hair pins lead to scalp damage and/or hair loss?

I can play it out in my mind. 

A hair pin. Placed in the same spot, repeatedly. Resting on the hair and tender scalp, in that same spot, over time. Heaven forbid that the ball tips are rubbed off, revealing the bare metal ends. Would the stress cause the follicles to weaken in that spot? 

I'm no expert, but what do you think? Are these pretty little darlings worth it? 


Are there alternatives?

.::Naturaleza::. fam, share your experiences or maybe if you can shed some light on my queries, I'd truly love to hear from you! Any info I find, I will most definitely pass onto everyone here on the blog.

Thanks so much!


  1. I despise pin ups simply because of these little demons called hair pins.  I have sore spots all over because of them and that is the worst feeling ever...so I believe improper use would in fact lead to some tender spots.  However they might be a necessary evil.  Pin ups for a special occasion are nothing without them.  So here we go....there must be a balance.....less pin ups less hair pins...sometimes you might be the best person to actually pin your hair up because you would know which spot can tolerate a pin being there for sometime than your loctician.  Just my two cents...I would love to take my pin up down right now--im in pain :(

  2. I feel your pain, Kim. Pin-ups and hair pins have their place. But, when we wear them, we've got to make sure we keep the ones in with the protective tips. I read an interesting article this morning. I'll share it soon. Can you think of a better pin to use?
    When it's overbearing I think you should take it down. I know we try to make the pin-up hair do last for as long as possible, it protects the ends and looks nice. I find it helps my locs to stretch too. But, when I've had enough it has to come down :) Thanks for sharing!
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