10 September 2011

Wash and reloc all on my own

No, it is not my first. But, I have not done a W+R all on my own in some time. I guess I shy away from it because my technique is not the best nor can I pin my hair up the way my loctitian does. 

Honestly, it needed to be done and I thought it would be nice to try again on my own. 

So today I tried and I like the end result. With this wash, I revisited my Avalon Organics Tea Tree Mint Treatment Shampoo. I had done a review on this product a few months ago. I shampooed with it first to avoid the drying effects I encountered the first time around. And maybe following it up with the Shea Moisture was the right thing to do, as that shampoo leaves my hair full of moisture and well-washed. I rinsed and repeated again, leaving it in a little longer the final time. 

Next, I used my faithful Shea Moisture. Nothing more to say there about this product. I love it!

After towel drying my hair a little bit, I used two new products that were given specially to me to try directly by the Bronner Brothers hair company. It is the company's new Tropical Roots line of hair care products. 

I have been using their Growth Hair Oil now for three weeks and I first used the Firm Locking Gel two weeks ago at my last salon visit. But, this is not a review of these two products. Stay tuned for that in the weeks to come!

So...TA DA! The finished product!

Hopefully this sparks some courage to do it again soon.
I need for sure to work on flat twisting. No matter how many YT videos I watch on how to flat twist, I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Well, not just yet. I'll definitely keep trying. I can see parts at the front and sides; but, I'm not sure how the parts at the back look. LOL! Hope I don't cause my loctitian much heartache in two weeks.


  1. oooo...your hair is SO thick. I love it!

  2. Thanks!
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  3. okay you have given me the courage and i have the two products with me.....much to sheena's dismay...but I have the courage to do it now--so I will need some technique info and I do not have a dryer so what do I do instead?

  4. Yeaahhh! You must, chica!
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  5. Your locs are looking sooo good! Love how they have thickened up. Good work on your reloc! 


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