12 October 2011

Product Review ~ Bronner Brothers Tropical Roots Shampoo Spray

My new duo! Tag team.
When I first saw this product I thought to myself: "shampoo spray? How?" My concept of a shampoo involves lots of water, at times teary eyes, lots of suds and a towel; all working to produce a clean head of hair and scalp. So to be honest, I was doubtful as to what this 'shampoo spray' could do. But...

I'm glad I gave it a try! I like that it does what it says it would do: Clean my hair and scalp; and, soothe the itching! Itchy scalp is something we all probably deal with from time to time. I know I do. So when I tried this product and felt the tingling effect (I believe that is the Tea Tree) and then realised that a couple days later my scalp still felt relieved and had no major build up, I was HAPPY!!

Length of use: 6 weeks

Details: 8 fl. oz. Interested Barbadian readers may purchase from the new express ShopSmart in Worthing. I saw it being retailed there for about $10.

Ingredients: This Shampoo Spray contains some of the same ingredients as the Growth Oil, like: Sheep Sorrel, Sage, Chamomile, Slippery Elm Bark. But, goes on to include: Silk Amino Acids, Goldenseal, Tea Tree leaf extract, Lanolin, Methyl- and Propyl-parabens (sadly). 

Observations: This is a very light spray with a fragrant fruity, yummy scent. From the moment it is sprayed, you can feel it going to work on the scalp. The manufacturers recommend massaging the scalp for 3-5 minutes after application to ensure intense penetration. However, I do it for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Don't call me a bad girl...just my routine doesn't allow me that privilege :) 

I tend to use the Shampoo Spray after I take my pinup down and that is usually 7 - 10 days after I have washed and relocked my hair. You will find me using it anywhere from 2-3 times a week. If I have not taken the style down as yet, I will spray the concoction onto the parts and still massage into the scalp. 

And, I can say that I don't have any serious product buildup either. I like that when I check my scalp in the mirror, I don't see any residue. This photo was taken a couple days after I had gotten my locs re-styled. But, I had used the Shampoo Spray the day before. 

Decision: I will try to maintain my current regime using the Growth Oil to condition my hair and scalp, then when I feel the need to, I will use the Shampoo Spray. This a nifty product and I would definitely recommend that others try it :)

For more information: www.mytropicalroots.com
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  1. i love the spray and the gel--awesome product--really awesome--be mindful tho--the gel is selfish--i.e it does not like any other product in your hair when being used.  I used it to reloc my hair and i LOVED IT

  2. Oh this sounds like something I may have to get my hands on. I remember using one of those "no rinse" shampoos back in high school when I had braids. It used to make my scalp tingle and had this amazingly refreshing scent. I think it was an ORS product, can't remember. This is the first time I've actually seen the spray version.

  3. Hiya, KiKi! I've never seen it either. But it feels nice on the scalp, no irritation from the ingredients or anything. I did wonder though why I had to massage and not wipe with maybe a cotton ball. But other than that, it's cool stuff. Would be interesting to hear from you or anyone else who tries it though what your experiences are like.

  4. I tried this spray for the first time today.  I am cauc. and have dreads and bronners is suppose to be a good product.  However, i thought it left a greasy feel.  I thought this would be convenient to use in between my dread washings (usually wash them once every 7 days) but i was hoping to use this and only do a water/shampoo wash once every 10.  i'm gonna let it sit for a few hours and see how it feels then, but my hands greasy from trying to roll my dreads.  Anyone else have this problem?

  5. SuzieDaughterPast21 May 2013 at 11:38

    Because you are Caucasian, you may need to use a dry shampoo (to remove oil -I'm guessing at your hair type) because this shampoo spray is to help with hair that needs product buildup removal plus moisture...it does wonders for my type 4A/4B hair. You have to go by your personal hair needs...

  6. Definitely going to purchase!

  7. sexisaweapon lewis8 March 2014 at 22:20

    This product is nothing short of amazing!! I have brotherlocks 3months old, so washing frequently is not yet an option. This leaves the scalp clean and hair smells nice, no weird smells from behind the ear


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