7 November 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, Not-so-Bantu Knots and a hair adventure

Shooo! What a title! 

But before I take you on this ride, please take a look at the blog entry done on Apple Cider Vinegar to shed some light on what we will discuss. 

On Saturday, I had bit of an adventure, lots of fun washing and relocking my hair at home. I did my very first Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Here is the mix:
  • 2/3 quart (4 oz.) Apple Cider Vinegar - I used Bragg's Apple Cider
  • Just under a quart of cooled boiled water
Here are after-shampoo and rinse photos:

After washing my hair with Avalon Organics (I forgot my Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo by my mum), I then poured in the ACV Rinse onto my scalp in stages, making sure that every part of my head was saturated. Once that was done, I towel-dried my locs for a bit and sat in the natural air (it was a really nice and sunny day). The Avalon Organics Tea Tree Treatment would not have been my first choice, as using it without the Shea Moisture tends to leave my locs just a little crunchy. So that is what happened. Nothing bothersome though, but, I do believe that if I had washed using the Shea Moisture, the result would have been different.
Before relocking, I did my Dr. Miracle's Nape and Temple Balm massage and followed that up with a few spritzes of BB Stimulating Growth Oil.

The second bit of my adventure happened when I reloc'd using a combo of my Organic Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel and the BB Firm Locking Gel. The results of that have been fine so far. I had no real special reason for doing it. It was just a quick thought that came into my head.

Now, the piece de resistance goes to my Not-so-Bantu Knots. Take a look!

I was going out so I really could not keep them in to form as well as I would have liked. I had to keep many of them in with pins, too :) :) I dried for more than 30 mins but some were still dry at the root. And, this I felt badly about. Even my loctitian always advises to dry my hair properly so as to avoid stinky smelling damp locs. I am told that this smell can linger forever after consistent washes and not drying the locs properly. Mine are okay though. But will be careful when I do D.I.Y at home.

When I took them on Saturday night, there were not that many with a bend. But what is cool is that today those same ones are still bent :)

Not-so-Bantu Knots down
My Observations
  • A source recommend using a 75 mls (2.5 oz.) to a quart of water. And another still suggested using boiling water. I used just a bit more :) 
  • My locs are BLACKER!! And I mean really BLACKER! I like it actually!
  • My scalp feels clean and relaxed, for lack of a better word. Wish I could find the words to explain exactly what I mean. Remember that the properties of the ACV work at removing product build up and gunk from the scalp and hair shaft, and also closes the hair cuticles. So, maybe that explains the feeling. 
  • I will try the Bantu Knots a later date when my hair is a little longer :)
  • Be sure to spend more time drying my locs to avoid a smelly head of hair
Today (Monday Nov 7) I actually got comments about how nice my hair looks, about them being much fuller and softer. Do I attribute this to the ACV Rinse? Maybe :)  Yes, actually I do. Primarily because I feel it and see it, too.
Out on Saturday
What do you think? Have you ever tried an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse? 
How was your experience?

Drop us your thoughts, looking forward to reading your posts!


  1. Yes I have tried the ACV rinse..but I put  a shower cap on my head for 30 mins then I rinse it out..some ppl don't rinse..but I prefer to rinse to remove the gunk thoroughly, the smell does go away, I have tested it so, but ooo-wee! what a smell! :-)..I liked it though..

  2. Yes!! I agree with you about the smell!! It was...different! Lol! I wouldn't call what I did a rinse, it's just after I put my head under the water for not even 20 seconds. Just wanted to feel the cold water.
    I will definitely leave on much longer next time, like 30 mins and maybe add a couple drops of Lavender oil.
    Really appreciate your advice! Thank you.
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