9 November 2011

Loc Tutorial ~ Curly locs

The curly look is hands down my favourite locs style. It can be quite playful but also elegant. Since doing the Corkscrew look - or what most people call Bantu knots - I have been even more hyped about buying some perm rods and doing a curly set.

The perm rods here in Barbados are sold at most any beauty supplies store. I know for sure that #1 Beauty Supplies has them in stock for $5.99/12 in a pack. And the colours are similar to what DChurchGirl uses in her videos.

I am not sure how many of you have tried it but I thought I'd share one of the many videos YT has to offer. This contribution is from DChurchGirl. The first video shows how she rods her hair. The second, is the end result. Now, her locs are longer and thinner than mine are so I know that I will not get the exact look she has. So that is something for us all to keep in mind when checking these videos out. For me, it is more about the process. As long as I can see how it is done, I feel better about giving it a try.

Also, we need to think of the look we are trying to achieve. A springy curl? Or, something tighter? Maybe if you have shorter locs like I do, you might want to have the locs at the back of the head, along the hairline tighter and the top bouncier. Depending on your tastes, you would choose the size of rod to suit. 

Most of the videos I have seen, seem to suggest that this style can last for a week or so, bearing in mind that gravity will get your hair and the curls will fall. Gravity and tying your hair down before going to bed at night :)


  1. i love this style--however when I tried it it never worked but i will try it again now my hair is longer


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