2 November 2011

Happy First Loc Anniversary to...ME!!!!!

Exactly one year ago I decided I had enough of the wool braids for transitioning. I took them off, BC and started my locs. There have been misses along the way especially with product choices. But surely, more hits. 

Patience is key. So must you also bring along perseverance and confidence.

I enjoy having a hassle-free morning schedule - no hot curling. Surely no more burns nor damaged hair due to chemical usage. My eyes have definitely become open to not just having natural hair but trying to live a better, healthier lifestyle. I intend to continue moving toward having hair and skin care products that are free of parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates and other questionable chemicals.

My maintenance is not 'written in stone' and it probably will never be! But I ensure my hair is washed and re-locked regularly (a salon visit every 4 - 5 weeks). But, in the interim I do a DIY; and that is something I enjoy doing since at first I was so very hesitant to reloc and dry my locs on my own. I am enjoying the BB Growth Oil and their Shampoo Spray, as well. I surely still love my Shea Moisture, my staple through and through. It's finding a locking gel though that I am yet to fall deeply in love with. 

I am still in awe at the locking process: the initial twists to budding to the ends sealing to firm locs. Sometimes they do their own thing. Not resting down flat, even had about two that unraveled in the first couple months. But, that's part of the journey.

I am looking forward to continued loc growth and rockin' those styles that I see other loc'd naturalistas rolling out day after day!

Thanks to all of who have encouraged me!

Rock on! 


  1. Happy Loc-Versary Twin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep yep Patience is the key!!!!!!!!

  2. Kareen EatingRight6 November 2011 at 17:19

    Congrats!! So proud of you!


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