25 November 2011

Loc Accessories ~ I am at it again

I made an interesting purchase today. It is the most interesting and intricate loc coil I have ever seen. This gem comes from the hands of Barbadian glass blower, Jamal Ifill of Crystal Forms. I honestly cannot find the words to describe how hyped I was about it. I saw it first on the designers' Facebook Fan page - Crystal Forms Hair B's, in a white colour. But, white just would not do for me. So I had requested it in burnt orange. From the get go I was warned that given it's detail, it might not look exactly like the original and it would take some time. So, a week and a half later after an initial try, I got my fancy glass loc coil:

Today, as I went to collect the coil, Jamal made me the lilac w/green dots coil and; the brown, caramel and teal barrel. This was after he made/repaired the exotic blue coil. All in under an hour!

Loc coils: Lilac w/green dots and exotic blue. The blue actually
began a solid blue but ended up looking like this. Amazing!

Loc barrel. The brown serves as the base colour.
It is has a caramel swirl and little teal dots.

The final picture is of my the set of coils from before. I had actually given 2 away and another one broke some months ago, otherwise there would have been more.

In the final picture, you can see the brown coil looks alot like a snake's skin. The red ribbon symbol of the fight against HIV/AIDS. Then, my love knot and disco ball. In Barbados, these glass loc pieces retail for $8/ea. The orange coil is slightly more expensive.

I have to give this young man his props!  

Class is class!


  1. bajanbeautyblogger26 November 2011 at 07:36

    Gorgeous. I keep promising to check them out. but I havnt gotten there yet. Maybe this week..

  2. Iameatingrightright27 November 2011 at 01:34

    Very pretty! I love the look of the glass.


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