13 November 2011

*Naturaleza Chronicles on FB*

who visits the Facebook Fanpage for this blog. I really appreciate you coming.
But, do more than come by :) What else can you do?
  • 'LIKE' the page and get involved
  • Post pictures of your hair of the day (HOTD), a style you want to showoff, your transition photos
  • Share pics of your makeup look, fab shoes
  • Share a video of yourself doing a relocking or twist-out 
  • Post interesting links on health/hair issues which you believe other persons may find interesting

I really enjoy what some of you share on the page. Thank you so very much! It truly allows me to be more interactive and I love it! I have made new friends and seen people really aid in making others happy. 

Also, so many natural hair salon owners, businesspersons and other wonderful people are to be found there, too!

Shout outs to Loc'd and Lovin' It and Caribbean Natural - two of my new sistahs from St. Lucia. 
Also, Bajan Beauty Blog, Nubian Naturals, Crystal Forms B's and Loczurius Creations - all from 246!
They are all passionate about their work and truly lift the scene up!

If you have a blog, enjoy this labour of love, and believe you have the time to manage two social outlets: Hey! Sign up and have your own page! 

There's always something fresh on NC! So don't be bashful! 

Especially my Bajan readers! Come on, don't be out done! 
It's November, the month of Independence and we are pushing 100% Bajan!
Support your own :) :) :)

'LIKE' our page!!! Click the link below and get going!!

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