9 January 2012

ACV Rinse and my crazy reloc ~ PART II

Now, the task I don't like - retwisting my locs. It took me more than an hour to do what my loctician does in minutes. All I can do is *sigh* 

And, try not to laugh at my photos :(  :) :)

Then: Nov 2 2010

Now: Jan 8 2012

Question marks?????
The fuzziness continues on the majority of the locs. It is not too bad nor is it a problem. But I am reminded that even with locs that are 14 months old, maturity is not quite yet achieved. But, I am happy with how my hair has grown. And sometimes, I actually miss my short look :) Not too much though. I am looking forward to sweeter styles as time goes on.

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Thank you!


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