2 January 2012

The Great Debate: Interlocked vs. Palm-rolled locs

My locs were started using palm-roll. It was the technique I chose. And the technique recommended by the lady who started my locs. Interlocking in Barbados has received a very bad rap and many persons shy away from using the method for started locs. This is primarily because some people who do it, do not and cannot interlock well which ends up damaging the client's hair. 

I know of locticians who will not do interlocking. And then those who will not do palm-rolling. The little bit I do get is that some locticians are upset that there are supposed 'loc experts' out there who do an absolutely horrible job at interlocking. This has caused much antagonism and even a slight air of 'I am better than you' among professionals. 

The long and short of it for me is this: If I trust my loctician to do the best job possible with my locs and if he/she is tops are interlocking or palm-rolling or both, why then can't I choose (under advisement) the best procedure for my hair? It is petty in this day and age to continue with this debate. I have some people with impeccable locs that are INTERLOCKED. And I mean persons with mature locs with no more damage or hair loss than persons who have used the palm-roll route. 

Personally, interlocked locs are neater and so much more uniformed in shape and appearance. 

I am thinking of interlocking a few of my mine and is primarily because they are looking thin. That has to do with the fact that the person who started them did the hairline locs too small/neat, when they should have been a lot bigger.  I was told they were not at risk of breaking but in my mind I am anxious to do something about them. As long as I am not going to run the risk of damaging my locs, roots or hairline, I will consider it. 

My cousin, Kim, from the blog Censorednomore, interlocked some of her locs recently and received a frosty welcome from her local loctician. She was chastised and berated for doing it. And to be honest, her hair is so much nicer now that she interlocked the shakier ones. 

I guess that episode is what prompted me to really sit and write finally how I feel about the whole issue surrounding these two locking procedures. 

What do you think? Can you shed some light on the situation?


  1. Where have I been living!!! I did not see when you posted this!  Well you know from the start it was the unforgivable sin.  I was caught between a rock and a hard place when I did mine.  The lady was not good @ the palm roll but she was EXCELLENT on the interlocking.  I trusted her to do mine but I KNEW I was committing the unforgivable sin.  You know how I feel about the situation and you know how many compliments I did get.  however it is something I am not too sure that I would do too soon.  But it is something I am thinking about including once in a while to help them out.  I also liked that I did not have to do a pin up when I was finished. 

  2. Iameatingrightright6 January 2012 at 23:01

    After starting with comb coils, my loctitian would use a combination of both palmrolling but then interlocking some of the ones that were continually unraveling. For my home maintenance, I was palmrolling only because it was an easier method for me.

  3. I have palm rolled and interlocked. Interlocking is the common method of loc maintenance in Jamaica. It is not uncommon to find interlocked locs there. I think everyone has the right to maintain there hair as they see fit.

    I currently palm roll my hair but I am considering interlocking again.


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