19 February 2012

Facial Oil Cleansing Method

This Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) is not one that I have used before. I found out more about it during my research on Castor Oil. I am keen on using it though.

But, I thought I would share this information in the hopes of generating some discussion and for persons to share their experiences.

What exactly is the OCM?
The information all points to this cleansing method as being good at removing the excess oil and dead skin cells from the face; and, helping in the fight against acne. The oil, when massaged onto the skin, loosens any hardened gunk and oil from the pores. I can only imagine that consistent use (not overuse) will lead to revealing cleaner, clearer, healthier skin. 
It is also a good way to remove makeup.

To mix or not to mix?
Some sources suggest mixing the Castor Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO is a good moisturizer). 
50/50 castor oil to EVOO 
Oily or acne-prone skin: 75% castor oil/25% EVOO  
Dry or mature skin: 25% castor oil/75% EVOO
Other oils that you might try in your mix:
Jojoba oil (for all skin types), Argan oil (for all skin types), Sunflower oil (for all skin types), Sweet Almond oil (oily skin), Grapeseed oil (for all skin types), Lavender oil (for all skin types), Rosewood oil (oily skin), Tea Tree oil (combination skin), Hazelnut oil (sensitive skin), Carrot Seed oil (dry/mature skin), Ylang Ylang (dry/mature skin).

2-3 drops of these oils are enough

You will definitely need:
A clean washcloth, a bowl of warm water (or simply use the warm water running from your tap)

Many people seem to prefer to do an OCM at night, once you have come home and proceed to have a moment to yourself before bedtime.

Begin by pouring a teaspoon-sized amount of the oil into your hands. Then, rub them together. This heats the oil up. Apply to your face and massage gently onto your skin. Concentrate on problem areas. 

Next place the clean washcloth into the bowl of warm water. Apply the warm cloth to your face. The 'steaming' process is works to clear your pores. Take your time removing the oil from your face. Wipe your face gently. One source even suggests covering your entire face with the warm cloth for a through relaxing feeling. Rinse your cloth and then repeat this step another time or until you are sure that the Castor Oil/mixture has been completely removed. 

Aura Cacia's Sweet
Almond Oil
I would strongly suggest doing your own leg work on the properties of the many other Carrier Oils and Essential Oils which Mother Nature has given us. You want to ensure that should you mix your Castor Oil, that you are getting the best benefits and not creating another problem by overly drying your skin, or, making the acne worse.


  • that changes will not happen overnight
  • to be prepared for the possibility that of a slight breakout before things get better. Why? Now that your pores are no longer blocked, you are making way for them to function properly; to regularize. 
  • that you should not overuse as this might cause dryness and you don't want that either
  • Take into consideration the climate where you reside and the other precautions needed to maximize the benefits of using the OCM
Please check on these rather useful links for any other information. 
Facial cleansing on the resource Sorta Crunchy

What about you?
Have you ever used this method? Or, do you think that now you are more informed and willing to give it a try? Let us know what your experiences have been like. I am VERY eager to read your feedback! So share the wealth, don't keep it locked up!!

Now...off to do my first OCM!!

Ta ta, fam!!  ;0)

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