25 March 2012

Loc Update ~ Month 16

April 2nd will be 17 months loc'd. Wow! It's been a beautiful experience. 

A few photos of last Friday. 

My new yellow headband. 'New' is not quite the correct term. It's a yellow stretchy shirt I didn't care for anymore. So, I took a scissors to it ;)  Why toss it when I could recycle, right? I know!! LOL!!! 

I usually don't wear any bangs on my forehead when I am wearing a headband, so just a minor difference. 

As you can see, the colour has faded somewhat. I can see more of the bleached ends. I am coming around to appreciating having the bleached ends showing up some more. 


  1. hmm I have some clothes I don't care for.....might make a headband out of them

  2. Iameatingright8 April 2012 at 21:05

    Congrats! You look beautiful :)


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