1 April 2012

Checking in ~ Vacation. 100 Likes. Speaking from the heart.

Now that I am on vacation, I really want to get out and snap some photos of life here in Barbados. I like photography, standing behind the camera is more my thing. So, I will see what good things I can do.

Secondly, but by no means any less important, I wanted to say hello to each and everyone who checks in with me, visitors to the blog from near and far. There are the faithful ones who will comment and check in with me via private messages or on Twitter. I appreciate your kindness. Things like that give me the extra push. 

The Facebook fanpage - Naturaleza Chronicels - is almost at 100 'Likes' [97] and I am pretty much beside myself with how best to show my appreciation to you, the members and readers. The thing is I was a little reluctant to even start a fan page. But, I decided that early on that I would let it take on its own life and see what happens. 

In the meantime, I will think of something and try to wait patiently for the tally to get there. Ideas are always swirling around in my mind of ways to show my appreciation and how to keep things relevant, fresh, current but still remaining who I am. I mean, there are hundreds of other blogs/websites/resources that you can go to. But you are here. So thank you. For as long as I will do this, I wish never to lose myself by becoming someone I am not just to attract readership. 

There are a few blog interviews planned for the month ahead. I am looking forward to guest blogging on a couple other sites and also having guest bloggers here. You would have seen a guest blog by the Ishimma hair product company. I was thrilled to have been approached by Crystal, owner of the Ishimma brand. You should check back to see when my post goes live on her website. And, I hope that you have downloaded your FREE Ishimma Hair Guide.

Things like guest blogging and doing features about others excite me. People ask how I find the time. In reality, when there is down time from life as usual, I will work on several things, keep them in draft and revisit until they are ready for scheduled posting. Other times, real life demands my immediate attention and I will always respond, that is something that will never change. Once again, it is recognizing who I am in the midst of cyberspace. It is a passion. 

If you check on the sidebar, you will see a designated section for all local and regional bloggers (Caribbean by origin as some no longer reside in the region). There is so much talent, passion and flare that each one brings to their own blog. Knowledge is power!!! 

So, keep your antenna up and dials locked on this station!

Ta ta ;)


  1. Afropean Queen1 April 2012 at 05:21

    Enjoy your vacation Twin. Cant wait to see your pictures!!!!!!


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