1 April 2012

Fro'd out!

I wore a fro. ONCE. 

Caroline Bwomono, model

I can remember how timid I was (yes, I can be) to wear it to work. I had no idea then that I probably should have done a twist out to take some of the straightness off the ends. But never say never, I am sure the day will come again.

I grew up in the 80's and have seen countless photos of my parents, aunties and uncles with huge hair. I am not kidding! Pop stars from that era seemed to have inspired them - and others, to defy the laws of gravity by growing their hair to new lengths. They were bushy!

The fro was a symbol of sexy coolness, yet, for others still it seemed to characterize their boldness, tenacity, blackness, pride. Identity. It affirmed them and seemingly confirmed their place in a larger picture, a struggle for something greater like their freedom to be heard, seen and accepted regardless of colour, class or creed. 

In present day life and happenings, the fro is still worn proudly by many men and women across the diaspora. From the everyday person to celebrities, athletes and the like.

I have seen the teeny weeny afro (TWA) to a small afro to a full-fledged FRO. Many folk do the big chop (BC) when deciding to go from permed hair to natural. Some people scrap their head clean. Now that, I admire. Imagine being able to wash your hair/head and never having to worry about the water getting to the curls, or if the shower cap has a small hole. Just apply shampoo (if so desired), rinse and towel dry (if you care to dry at all!). Oiling or applying some pomade or daily hairdress will come after, because you still want to have a moisturized and nourished head of hair.

As your hair grows out, you can decide if to trim or transition to other styles. Having a growing fro allows you to do flat twists, comb coils, two strand twists, plaits, chinese bumps/bantu knots, twist outs, cornrows, wear a headband, on and on and on and on! So don't limit your creativity!

I think a fro is versatile, beautiful, sexy, fierce!

Have you ever worn a fro? Was it liberating? Or, were you a little apprehensive like me?
Do you still wear a fro? 

Looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. Afropean Queen1 April 2012 at 10:33

    I have worn fro's throughout my hair life, even when relaxed since relaxer didnt really take to my hair and my hair is just so thick. But my first fro experience in Sweden, I was like you, a bit apprehensive and shy about it. But wow, the reactions I got. I had picked it out completely and had it BIG!!!!!! SO I had people point, stare, smile and just watch me.  I had an old lady touch it and comment on how soft is was. It was a great feeling, being so free, so bold. Have tried it here as well., same reactions. I think, its because people don't really see Afro's so often (or never) they get a huge kick out of it. I love it, its such a Show Shopper. So much Positive Attention.lol


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