13 April 2012

Saturday Flow

Hi fam,
You know me. Trying something new! I just signed up to Polyvore! And this is my first 'design', of sorts. Now don't be too concerned with the cost of the items. I call this kind of thing 'Dry Shopping.'

The outfit is the kind of thing I'd wear a Saturday if I had to be out at breakfast with my family or friends. Or, going to the mall looking kinda chic. I think my style can be simple yet sexy. I don't like clothes that offend me, you know how I mean? Nothing that I have to be pulling down or fixing here and there. When I dress, I want to BE dressed! Actually doing this has made me open up some more to you guys. I do feel kinda...revealed :) 

So tell me what you think. I'm sensitive about my thang!
Oh and give Polyvore a look-see.

Saturday flow

Chinese Laundry summer wedge
£64 - fashion-conscience.com

Bottega Veneta leather tote bag
$3,820 - barneys.com

Monsoon yellow gold bangle
£10 - monsoon.co.uk

LORD TAYLOR heart jewelry
$800 - lordandtaylor.com

Miso stone ring
£5 - republic.co.uk

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