13 April 2012

Product Review ~ NYX Rust Sparkle and Pumpkin lips

I knew this was going to be fun. I have never done a lip gloss/lipliner review quite in this fashion before. 

I actually thought at some points of whipping out the camera and doing this the way the pros on YT do their thing. Then I said, "Uhh, no dearie, stick to what you are good at!"

NYX gloss $20
NYX liner  $15

I like the rich colour of the liner. It is also very soft to the touch, very easy to apply.

Top: NYX Rust Sparkle lip gloss
Middle: NYX Pumpkin liner
Bottom: M.A.C. Chestnut liner 

The Pumpkin liner is very rich and definitely a nice orange colour. I like it alot actually. Actually, it reminds me of my M.A.C. CB96 A89 Frost lipstick. The Rust Sparkle gloss gives the impression (prior to application) that it would be a few shades heavier. It is actually a pinkish/orange coral colour. *Insert shy emoticon* But, the way I am applying it here was a tip from the sales associate. It gives the impression of a richer colour. 
NYX Pumpkin liner only
I first apply the Pumpkin liner as in the picture to the left. Next, apply the Rust Sparkle gloss. The sales associate had said that applying a lip liner was not necessary but at times, my lips just don't seem finished without a liner. So my final step was to apply my M.A.C. Chestnut lip liner. This first photo is without flash to show the true gloss and liner colour. 
Finished product
Using NYX Rust Sparkle gloss and Pumpkin liner
M.A.C. Chestnut liner

And for the real artists out there, NYX Cosmetics presents the FACE (Fine Artistry of Cosmetics Elites) awards National Beauty Vlogger of the year on YouTube. So if you have mad skills and think you can top the best, see the NYX Cosmetics site for further details. Also, watch the video below.


  1. Hi, Eboni! Thanks and yes it is. The camera does not do it justice. Do you use NYX products?

  2. jealous......


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