7 January 2011

Newness- expect it.

Yes I know but better late than never!  

Been settling back into work and getting my planning together. I have also been catching up on some reading, viewing other people's blogs. There is a wealth of information out there on natural haircare, sisterlocs, twists, locs and more. 

What I hope to do sometime soon is to actually go thru the process on my own of - washing and re-loc'ing. I am yet to decide on how exactly I'll do this, and what products I should commit to for the time being. I simply go to my stylist, Nola and she works her magic. After about two weeks, I take that pin-up down and simply wear my bands. I do that until I return to her for a repeat (which has been 3-4 weeks). Will see what I come up with!

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