14 April 2011

Useful terms and phrases - building the list

I got a bit of feedback about the Sidebar entry - Some useful terms. So, I've decided to do a post, re-posting but also adding to the current list. Thanking you in advance for any that you may know of that I might not have on the list. Caring is sharing!

"BC" - The "Big Chop'' is the step some women use when they transition from relaxed to natural hair

"ACV" - Apple Cider Vinegar

"ACV" Rinse - a cost effective way of cleansing hair and scalp; and, bringing hair back to life

"ALS" - Ammonium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

"EO" - Essential oil - highly concentrated liquids derived from the stem, leaves, etc. of a plant

"SLS" - Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

BAGGY METHOD - After your hair has been washed and moisturizer applied, you place a plastic cap on your head for about 10 - 20 minutes. This process serves to treat dry/damaged hair

BIOTIN - a B-vitamin which promotes hair growth and keeps dryness away

CARRIER OILS - these are pure base oils which are used to dilute Essential oils for use on skin and hair
CO-WASH - a method of washing hair with conditioner as opposed to shampoo

FREEFORM LOCS - this kind of loc is formed when hair is allowed to lock on its own without any sort of manipulation; eg via palm-rolling, re-twisting or interlocking.  Also called organic locs or bongos

GLYCEROL - it can be used as a sweetener, or a preservative. As it relates to hair products, it is primarily used a as humectant, as it moisturizes and protects hair.

GOING NATURAL - the term used when making that step to a lifestyle that does not include chemically-treated hair
HAIR TYPE - how hair may be categorized according to it its texture and curl formation

HUMECTANTS - any substance which helps our hair and skin to retain moisture. One example is Glycerol

LOCS/LOCKS - in this natural hairstyle, hair is washed and well-maintained (if so desired) but, is left uncombed so that the strands of hair are allowed to become intertwined and mesh together as a firm length of hair. As such, locs/locks come in many different shapes, widths and sizes

MANICURED OR SALON LOCS -  unlike freeform locs, these locs are started using a particular method such as palm-rolling, interlocking, or two-strand twists. The hair will still become matted and rope-like in appearance over time.

PARABENS-FREE- these products do not contains chemicals such as propylparaben, ethylparaben nor butylparaben which may cause skin and scalp rashes and irritations

PHTHALATES - these are chemical compounds used to soften things such as PVC. They are found in a host of items, but some are: food wrapping plastics, shower curtains,  baby chew toys, shampoos and cosmetics. Phthalates may enter our bodies through inhaling, skin contact or even eating. These chemicals are said to probable carcinogens. However, one source has indicated that studies show that phthalates can cause kidney, liver and even the reproductive organs.

POO-FREE HAIR- cleaning hair without the use of traditional shampoo

PROPYLENE GLYCOL - a cosmetic form of mineral oil, found in brake fluid and industrial antifreeze. It is used in many shampoos, skin care products, deodorants and even mascara. It is said the PG can penetrate the skin very quickly and may cause brain, kidney and liver abnormalities

PROTECTIVE STYLING - hairstyles which protect the ends of your hair from damage; such as pin-ups

SISTERLOCKS - these are small manicured locks which can be started on virgin natural hair or even on relaxed hair as your new growth grows out. Sisterlocks also require care and re-tightening as you deem fit.

SULFATE-FREE - these are products which are free of sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, agents known for skin irritation

TOCOPHEROL - also known as Vitamin E, it is a clear sticky liquid which varies in colour from yellow to reddish brown. It is found in in abundance in safflower and sunflower oils. Inter alia: helps to heal scars, lower Cholesterol and even promote healthy male sperm

TOCOPHEROL ACETATE - is a compound consisting of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Acetic acid (a clear organic acid responsible for giving vinegar its taste and smell). Usually found in hair products

TWIST-OUTS - taking the hair down after having it in flat twists, corn rows, two-strand twists, etc. and simply allowing it to be worn with the twisted marks/crimps still in 

VLOG - just like blogging, but its focus is communication via live video stream

Let's keep the list going!

Besos  (o:

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