8 April 2011

Month 6: Loc pics, Limegrove and sweet treats!

First, I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been stopping by, reading, sharing and commenting whether on the Blog itself, by private message or in person! It is my pleasure and I'll try to give of my best as we all share and continue to educate ourselves and each other.

So officially, it is month 6. It has been quiet on the loc front. I did a wash on Tuesday (finally, I've committed to buying a Shampoo) and then, I relocked on Wednesday. I wanted to see how my hair looked after a wash and dry without doing much of anything else. All I did was to oil my scalp and hair with a new product...but, that will all appear in another blog post :o)

         Hanging out on the first level of the Centre. The locs are growing!
I've been realizing how my hair texture has been changing. When I had done the 'Big chop' back in November 2010, my hair was alot softer; and, even up to when I had my second re-loc in December, it had still maintained this same quality. Now, most of that is gone. It's just the hair on the hairline at the back of my head that has kept this texture, and might I add, is taking its sweet time in getting nice and firm. But, as this journey continues, I am feeling more of them becoming firmer and gaining that desired shape. Sometimes, I think it's like magic, really. From one wash to the next, they have that loc'd feel and are definitely becoming matted and intertwined. What a process!

So, here is my final vacation post! These shots were taken at the new uber-chic, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, in Holetown, St. James.


 Sitting on the upper level.


It was the very last stop for me in the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. Hey, what can I say? Sweets for the sweet!

And I loved the customer service.

Enjoyed the Zabaglione!

All in all, it was an awesome day!
Stay tuned for the post on my DIY filled with pics and product review fun!

Ta ta!
Besos, mis corazones (o: 


  1. you have such a gorgeous smile!!!!!!! Yummy ice cream as well.

  2. Your hair looks nice. Looks like your locs will be nice and thick, too.

  3. I'm totally loving the thickness!

  4. Thank you, Ladies. I am really looking forward to seeing how the thickness will look as they get longer.

  5. Your locs are looking beautiful and you look great, too!

  6. First of all, I jealous of your location! Barbados. Sigh.
    Anyway, your hair is fabulous. I love your locks and it looks like you've made great progress. Keep it up!


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