30 May 2011

Birthday + Breakfast snaps

I've been deliberating for a while whether or not I should do this post. The quality of the shots is not the best so, I apologize now for this. If I can manage to get some better ones of the breakfast especially, I will repost. 

*This set of photos were taken on the day of my birthday - May 25.

Original cheesecake topped with
fresh kiwi, grapes, cantaloupe,
strawberries and dark chocolate forms.
Grated coconut adorned the sides!
At work
OOTD for my Birthday

*These were taken on May 28 at the Hilton, Barbados. Call it a "Girls Breakfast Bash"! They were about 8 of us and we had a great time!

My sis and me!

Some of my friends!



  1. some of your friends and leanne?!  imma pretend i didn't see that -_-
    Anyway! lookie i'm being "featured" lolol anddd at a glance I look like I rock locs too! lol    MAY your fun days continue to roll! :)

  2. Iameatingright1 June 2011 at 00:46

    Who cares about picture quality?!? I can clearly see that you had a wonderful time and that you looked great! Really liked the pink jacket! Glad you enjoyed your day :)

  3. Naturalezablog1 June 2011 at 03:22

    Yes, it was fun! Thankies!


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