31 May 2011

Do you rinse?

This is a quick post on two cold rinse experiences I had in the last two months. 

The first one was on my introduction to Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Moisture Retention shampoo

Source auracacia.com
That time I was given a cold Tea Tree oil rinse. 

Now, last week, I got a Vanilla cold rinse. 

In both instances, the experience was INVIGORATING!

Tea Tree oil is wonderful at fighting dandruff, and other fungal and bacterial scalp problems. It is good for unblocking hair follicles and soothing itchy scalp. And to be honest, last month the itching was a bit more bearable. But, I do attribute that as well to finding and using the Shea Moisture. But, of course I will keep you all updated. 

Those of you here in Barbados, can purchase the brand above - Aura Cacia, from Jenn's Health in Trimart Complex.

Now, Vanilla. I love Vanilla ice-cream! And, Vanilla infused teas! But this rinse was just as yummy! Ok that might sound funny, but it was like being in a Vanilla factory. My senses were just wrapped up in the scent. It was quite relaxing - one of the properties of Vanilla in aromatherapy is to relax and calm the body, the senses.  And, it is an aphrodisiac! Hmmm...

Now, as for its direct effect on hair? I know it is found in some shampoos. But, I could not find a specific effect which vanilla might have on natural hair or any hair for that matter. 
Do you know of anything?
What do you think?
Do you rinse?

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  1. I gotta try the tea tree oil rinse.


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