10 September 2011

Protective style ~ Hairdo of the day (HOTD)

It's my first week back to work and two weeks since I got a wash and reloc. I decided to try 'a ting', as we say in Bajan parlance. I wanted to see if I could put the back in a roll and do something simple with the top. So, for work on Tuesday, I tried something different. The top part has in very little pins, as I don't like having them in my hair, they really make my poor scalp sore. The locs to the top are simply bent and tucked in to form a 'curl'. That word is used rather loosely!! :) :) There are a couple locs at the front which fall nicely to give me a few bangs. Those are as a result of the way my loctitian had styled my hair two weeks ago.


Will see what next week holds!
Enjoy your weekend!

Ta ta :o)

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