19 October 2011

Conditioner quest

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking the blog out, especially the recent reviews on the Tropical Roots products. There are more reviews to come so keep locked on. I really do appreciate your support. 

As I was sharing with a fellow natural today on FB, I am on the quest to find a conditioner to add to my arsenal of hair care products. My hair has never been conditioned (re:salon visits and for sure not at home) as I was told to hold off until the locs are firm and sealed. And as a treat to celebrating my first year loc'd on Nov 2, I have been thinking of doing it. But, as usual, the product I'd really love to try I always find too expensive - Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie and follow that up with the Tui Leave-in Conditioner. 
I have come up with these 4 products which I believe will do the job but at a more affordable price. They are all sold at health food/organic supplies stores here on the island.
Knowing myself, I know I can't make this snap decision in under 24 hours - my hair appointment is tomorrow. I sometimes like to read and ponder, then go and buy. So, hopefully for my DIY in a couple weeks, I would have made up my mind.

See you soon!

Ta ta!


  1. let me know for sure how it comes out--but i love the Jason's--especially their conditioner and shampoos...not the smell tho lol and yes Carol's Daughter is in fact too expensive...

  2. Good luck with your decision. Can't believe you're almost to your one year! 

  3. Kelly said that she should restock Shea Moisture by December. So I am hoping to buy the Retentive Conditioner seeing that I am still on my bottle of the Moisture Retention Shampoo. In the meantime, Sam needs one so I may just buy the Jason's Jojoba or if they sell the kiddie version here, I'll pick that up for her.

    Yes, girlie, the CD products here are just too much and seeing the Supercentre chain has the exclusive license...well, you can finish my sentence. Every time I get a Magna Rewards check, I say '...yes! I'll redeem my points on a Carol's Daughter product!' That has not happened as yet :) Just can't seem to bring wrap my mind around the cost. But, one day I'll bite the bullet :) :) ;)


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