25 October 2011

Where else can you find us?

Facebook Fan Page ~ Naturaleza Chronicles

Twitter ~ @naturalezablog

My email address ~ naturaleza246@gmail.com 
Want to have your look posted on NATURALEZA CHRONICLES on Facebook? That's no problem!  Email me 2 photos of your look/natural hairdo. Or, maybe you make beautiful jewelry pieces, please don't hesitate to email me your photos! Be sure to include: Your name, address and any other contact information (if you so desire). 

There is a Tumblr page as well, but, I am working on making it a bit better.

Don't forget to click "LIKE", "FOLLOW" and "JOIN"! You came this far to see the blog and FB page, why not be a part of it all! 

So now you know just a few other places where you can be a part of something fun, positive and encouraging!

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  1. I'm going to check out your FB page, I didn't know you had one!


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