27 November 2011

My little fingers...

Friends. I tried. But, probably not hard enough.

Here's the story. You see, I had an engagement this evening and I wanted so much to see how well the Bantu-knots would fall if I took them down. I took them down. 

Note to self: Practice greater patience and restraint when rockin' new styles


  1. Iameatingrightright27 November 2011 at 22:04

    LOL! I had the same problem when I did mine! Your curls look great and of course, I like the accessory. Hope you had a good time at your event!

  2. LOL! My friends laughed at me, not in a bad way :) Just can't understand why I'd get such a nice style and then take it down 24 hours later :) But I redid them for work Sunday night and they maintained the curl. Don't think I'll be doing that tonight though :) Yes, it was a games evening - board games, etc. Was alot of fun. And thank you!

  3. VERY pretty, this makes me want to loc my hair sooner than I originally intended. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you! Honestly? You are thinking of locking your hair? :) 

  5. You're welcome! Yes! Initially I was going to lock it but did the Bc and let it grow out instead. I decided I would wait until I turned 40 instead and see how long and healthy I could grow it in the meantime.
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  6. Beautiful! It looks great!

  7. Thank you!
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