25 November 2011

The Real Bantu-Knots

This salon visit was overdue. I find I am staying 4 to 5 weeks now without a professional reloc. I tend to do a DIY during that length of time, mostly to keep my scalp and locs clean as opposed to really trying to perfect my relocking technique :) :)

Today I asked to have Bantu-knots as my style and I must say I like them even more. They give my face a different look. I also had a cold peppermint rinse and I enjoyed it. 

What a difference between my attempts and the real McCoy!  

My locs are growing! Growing locs that are healthy from all reports.

What do you think?
Do you Bantu?

Ta ta, mis corazones  ;o)


  1. You look so cute :) How long do you think you'll keep them in before taking them down?

  2. Tash...I love the knots!!! I think I am going to request that style next time I get my hair redone!! loving the style it looks good on you!

  3. LOL LOL!  Kareen...I tried, but not hard enough! I took them out, not because they looked badly nor I did not like them because I do alot. It's just I wanted to see the results. The twiggly wiggly little curls. I could not help myself. I had a games evening with some of my friends from high school so the fingers got the better of me. Next time...perhaps lol, I will keep them in longer especially if I don't have any plans away from home. 

  4. Thanks, Kim! I told your sis I'd try to keep them in...they are out! :) Poor me. I really wanted to see the results especially now that they were done professionally and so well. Kelly did a really great job


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