7 December 2011


I am still here! It has been very hectic at work as time draws nearer to my vacation. My vacation will start next Thursday and I am looking forward to it!! 

First, a hearty welcome to ALL the new visitors and subscribers to the blog. I appreciate your readership. And 'Hello' to all my repeat readers and visitors. Thank you for your support! But let me encourage you to participate. Don't be shy - this blog is not just about me, but also about YOU! I am someone who enjoys the visual. That is, get your camera out and snap some photos of your locs or natural kinks. My email address is: naturaleza246@gmail.com. In reading this mail, you can also leave me your email address or other contact information, like if you tweet, have a blog or tumblr page. I would love to follow you and keep up with what you are doing.

On another note, it has been almost a year since starting journeytonappy/Naturaleza. And...I have been giving serious thought to doing a giveaway to celebrate this milestone :) What do you guys and gals think? It will either be a lovely handmade piece of jewelry or glass loc jewelry. Decisions, decisions!!

And finally, but by no means least. A thank you to Mr Julius Gittens, for using my blog as part of his workshop in Saint Vincent. It's a wonderful feeling, yet difficult to truly put into words how it feels to have someone else showcase my work as a blog/entity worthy of mention. I am very appreciative of your support. 

This month, I am looking forward to posting a couple more interviews and an informational post on Parabens. So I look forward to your support. Don't forget to weigh-in your feelings in the comment box on having a giveaway to celebrate the blog's one year anniversary.

Ta ta, lovelies!


  1. ur blog is awesome hun~it is yet to get the coverage it deserves! love reading it in my room.....wow almost a year! keep it up

  2. Iameatingrightright11 December 2011 at 14:15

    Your blog is great so you do deserve a mention! Almost one year since you started? Time flies. Hugs!


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