7 December 2011

The Nappturalite Radio Show

Nappturalite Radio logo
The Nappturalite Radio show was the first Internet radio show I listened to when I started my locs last year. And I still tune in from time to time. The show is dedicated to empowering us as a black race to embrace our natural, chemical-free hair. The show is broadcast weekly and is hosted and produced by Dawn Yerger. A beautiful naturalista! 

Dawn discusses any and everything related to natural hair: its maintenance and product use, and delivers other tidbits of valuable information on how to love what God gave you! The discussions and interviews can be quite lively but always enlightening. Speaking of interviews, they have had guests like Dwele, Chrisette Michele and Tomiko Fraser-Hines. 

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  1. Iameatingrightright11 December 2011 at 14:12

    Thanks for sharing this info! There's so much out there on the world wide web.


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