25 February 2012

Blog rant ~ Battle of the Complexions

What chubble is this?

So, I am flipping through Tumblr for some material for the blog and stumble across a post entitled (click on the link): "Battle of the  Complexions." Yes, you read right! Battle of the Complexions.

This so-called "runway contest for sexiest complexion", actually took place last night (Friday, February 24) in St. Louis and was apparently a success, according to one source. Its aim, you ask? Which is better: light-skinned, caramel or dark-skinned women. 

I am not an American, but I am a black woman and proud of it. Generations of people before me, worked hard to ensure that everyone of my skin colour be respected, be affirmed, but most of all, love themselves for who they are. But instead, we have some people who cannot get past the plantation and leave Massa day behind. How can people in this day and age be promoting this kind of competition? 

On reading the flyer I immediately thought of slavery: female slaves being paraded, degraded and then sold off to a new master. Their future in the hands of an unknown. Someone who judges them based on their colour, size, stature and the like. The idea of being on a runway, watching those woman strut their stuff in this competition, deciding if they are sexy or not, brings the aforementioned image to mind.

Even today a sickening mentality pervades the diaspora where women continue to be chosen for certain jobs, positions and even as a partner because she is light-skinned or dark-skinned. 

We are still mentally fettered. When will it end? We continue to handover the gun and the silver bullet to onlookers who mock our race. Is this the best way that a group of young people could find to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King? What does that say about the work that he did? The steps that he, and and others like him, have made to make your country a better place? 

Don't you - women - know that you are beautiful without needing someone to tell you? You should not need a competition for anyone to validate you.
Ladies, value yourself. Don't you know you are precious? 
You complexion does not make you. Don't let anyone break you because of it.
Sisters, you are precious!
Treat yourself like you are!



  1. wow....roas breadfruit syndrome prevails yet again...saddens me that we still allow willie lynch's principles which were purely economic based to determine our self worth...we need to cleanse ourselves...and we have not yet...sad

  2. Thank you for reporting on this. This "brown bag" shadism is so tired.


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