28 May 2012

Bentonite Clay hair treatment Tutorials

I have never used Bentonite Clay on my skin nor on my hair. It's one of those things that I have carded for later in the year. I especially want to try it on my locs. When it comes to my skin I am very hesitant as my face tends to be sensitive to different products.

One reader on the Facebook Fanpage had asked about Bentonite Clay and I had shared a video by YT maven, QOChemist. It really got me reading even more and asking questions about the properties of Bentonite Clay. 

Bentonite Clay is derived from volcanic ash and is the source of many minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. This form of clay is known for its healing properties and is said to have been used for centuries to purify the body's toxins and as a facial treatment mask. According to numerous sources, Bentonite Clay has also been used to alleviate diarrhea, stomach ailments and constipation.

I know that in the case of locs, Bentonite Clay treatments tend to pull the lint that is trapped in locs to the surface. But many times, the wearer has to end up picking this lint out with a pin or paper clip when if you are not careful, may lead to you picking out that particular loc. So be careful especially if you are not ready to pick down your locs or cannot handle having locs with unraveled ends. On another tip, one reviewer shared that Bentonite Clay actually helped to define her curls and made her hair easier to detangle. She also went on to share a bit about her daughter's hair/scalp condition.

Now, onto today's tutorials. The first comes from the vault of Fusion of Cultures', Laila-Jean. The video clearly outlines the ingredients in her own concoction and takes you through the application. It also gives a post-wash/rinse review. 

The second video is from QOChemist. This video is actually a commentary of what she found in her locs after her own Bentonite Clay hair treatment. Be warned, she prepares you for the gunk that she pulls out of her hair. 

Both contributions provide different experiences but have nonetheless been extremely beneficial to me. I trust they will be to you, too!! 

Have you have ever tried a Bentonite Clay Treatment on your locs or curly hair? What was your experience like? I am very interested in finding out so we can share here and on the other resources for the blog.

Thank you for sharing!

Ta ta ;)


  1. Great article. I've never used Bentonite Clay on my skin or hair but I have eaten it :) You have to be sure the kind you buy says that it is for consumption but it's great for detoxing and cleansing the GI system for the same reasons it good for hair and skin - it pulls out impurities. Usually Bentonite Clay goes hand in hand with psyllium husk.

  2. Thank you!!

    You know, I did read that there was a specific variety which could be consumed but...I don't know @Kareen T. How did you eat it? With what? And what did it taste like?  lol I am trying to imagine me eating it and all I can think of is a very chalky texture in my mouth. Did you have to go to the bathroom often to eliminate (given that it is good for detoxing)? You know your stuff, Kareen!


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