27 May 2012

Influenster | Do you have what it takes?

Are you an Influenster?

I first learnt of Influenster whilst doing the rounds on Twitter and from fellow blogger, KiKi of naturalbecomesher.com. So being the 'click and learn' kind of gal, I got going and clicked on through to the website. And two minutes later, I joined up (March 16). But you see, there was a bit of fun involved in the whole process. 

This is how the Team at Influenster describes their programme:

When I first got the email that I had been selected I screamed out, Blackberry shaking in hand and feet dancing (all of this took place at Mother's Day luncheon with my in-laws)! Anyhoo, I've since then gotten confirmation that my Mom VoxBox is to be shipped by the beginning of June. So, you can imagine my delight (it's May 27!!). *tick tock* That episode happened at work...but we will not get into the fireworks I did at my desk! No, Siree!

The whole process is free but you are encouraged to share your reviews on the Influenster website and of course on your blogs. I think it all helps to get the word out there about the types and quality of products which manufacturers are putting out to consumers. It's the least you can do after receiving free stuff. Needless to say, fam, as long as I get my Box we shall have reviews :)  I am all for sharing what knowledge I have, if it enlightens someone else then it will be done here.

The badges are divided into two categories: Influence Badges and Lifestyle Badges. 
Some of the Influence Badges are: Trendsetter, Tweetster,Youtuber, Blogger, Examiner.
Some of the Lifestyle Badges are: Beauty, Marco Polo, Cosmopolitan, Mom, Green.

As mentioned earlier, I should be receiving the Mom VoxBox so I will not know the contents until it arrives here. Yes, it is a...SURPRISE!! However, current reviews on the website include: Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist, Sheer Cover duo concealer, Palmolive Fresh sponge, Ghirardelli Gourmet milk bar, Stash teas, The Natural Dentist rinse and Gillette Venus and Olay. These are only a few of the big names being reviewed  by many of the loyal members on Influenster. 

So what are you waiting for? Here's your link Influenster

Ta ta for now!


  1. How cool! You are definitely on the cutting edge. Can't wait to read your reviews!

  2. As we say here in Barbados, "I trying a ting!" 


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